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Drawing cairo_t — The cairo drawing context Paths — Creating paths and manipulating path data cairo_pattern_t — Sources for drawing Regions — Representing a pixel-aligned area Transformations — Manipulating the current transformation matrix text — Rendering text and glyphs Raster Sources — Supplying arbitrary image data Tags and Links — Hyperlinks and document structure Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. MongoDB Drivers API Documentation. Official Drivers. C. C++ c-icap is an implementation of an ICAP server. It can be used with HTTP proxies that support the ICAP protocol to implement content adaptation and filtering services. Most of the commercial HTTP proxies must support the ICAP protocol.

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IDE (CodeLite will be used in this tutorial) See OrtCreateSessionFromArray in onnxruntime_c_api.h. Global/shared threadpools: By default each session creates its own set of threadpools. In situations where multiple sessions need to be created (to infer different models) in the same process, you end up with several threadpools created by each session. The manual contains the canonical API descriptions.

SFS2X Objective-C API: RoomProperties Class Reference

C API documentation with instant search, offline support, keyboard shortcuts, mobile version, and more. See OrtCreateSessionFromArray in onnxruntime_c_api.h. Global/shared threadpools: By default each session creates its own set of threadpools.

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2021-03-31 · Nicer API: the standard Python/C API shows its age. HPy is designed to overcome some of its limitations, be more consistent, produce better quality extensions and to make it harder to introduce bugs. Obviously, HPy is an ambitious project.

This repo showcases how to use the wasmer-runtime-c-api from C. The documentation containing installation instructions, and additional examples can be found at the Wasmer C/C++ Integration Documentation. See wasmer-c-api-example.c and wasmer-wasi-c-api-example.c for the example implementations. Ett API eller applikationsprogrammeringsgränssnitt, av engelskans application programming interface, är en specifikation av hur olika applikationsprogram kan använda och kommunicera med en specifik programvara, som vanligen utgörs av ett dynamiskt länkat bibliotek och som därmed blir en mjukvarukomponent i applikationen. API:et är ett gränssnitt mellan applikationen och biblioteket. Biblioteket blir en mjukvarukomponent i applikationen och utgörs vanligen av en The API that will be used by your users; A sample project / test project that uses your API already. That way, you will end up with an complete API and some sample that show how you think your API should be used, being worth more than any documentation, as a simple example tells more than a description can.

C api

The glibc project does not maintain any man-pages; instead other projects document the glibc APIs as man-pages. The largest such collection is the Linux man-pages project.

For low-level access, use the physics SDK native API's. Work in progress, functionality will be added on demand. A (WIP) C API allowing use of gluon in other langauges than Rust.
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For C-language and SQL: for MySQL 8.0, 5.7, 5.6, 5.5. we recommend MySQL 8.0 C API. For C-language and NoSQL XDevApi DocStore: for MySQL 8.0 [not applicable to 5.7, 5.6, 5.5] we recommend MySQL Connector/C++ 8.0. note: Connector/C++ 8.0 has compatible C headers. The MagickCore API is a low-level interface between the C programming language and the ImageMagick image processing libraries and is recommended for wizard-level programmers only.

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OpenMZ: a C implementation of the MultiZone API - DiVA

The libcurl API . Read the libcurl API overview and the libcurl tutorial to get a general in-depth grip of what libcurl programming is all about. There are some example C source codes you can check out. Dig into the Symbols In Versions document to learn in which libcurl releases symbols were added or removed. Easy or Multi This is a Windows API tutorial for the C programming language. The tutorial uses C99 standard.

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These cover many aspects, from general utility functions and macros to input/output functions and dynamic memory management functions: (assert.h) C Diagnostics Library (header) (ctype.h) Character handling functions (header) C API . This chapter introduces the Oracle Internet Directory C API and provides examples of how to use it.

Support for higher-level functionality in various languages is summarized below. The format API is similar in spirit to the C printf family of function but is safer, simpler and several times faster than common standard library implementations.